Artist photographer: Julie Couture

Born in 1964, Julie grew up in the countryside of Quebec City where she developed an irreverent love and respect for nature and all its beauty as well as a thirst and curiosity for the urban lifestyle. She pursued studies in art, exploring different avenues in theatre, fashion and furniture design at renown American universities followed by a Master’s Degree at OCAD in sculpture & drawing where she was awarded the Women's Art Association of Canada Tuition Award and several others. 

Since 2011, Julie fully devotes herself creatively to her passion for photography, she transforms her images into dramatic landscapes through transparency, fragmentation, distortion, and layering, weaving between nature and urban themes in an ever-evolving world.

Julie’s work gained popularity through pop up solo exhibits at Scott Yetman Design and Denis Binet's Atelier @ rue Saint-Pierre and various other group collaborations. She has been commissioned by Louwana Creek, Pier21 and is currently collaborating with Lemay Michaud Architecture Design on a larger scale project for the Le Germain Hotel Group.